APW Fully Enclosed Waterjet Cutting System Return

APW Fully Enclosed Waterjet Cutting System

Technical SpecificationsStructure: Bridge StyleControl System: CNC (Professional Waterjet Control System)Way of Drive: AC Servo SystemPower Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/60HzPower: <6.79hp (5kw)Working Temp. 59℉ (15℃)~ 86℉(30℃)Storage Temp. 36℉(2℃)~104℉ (…

Technical Specifications

Structure: Bridge Style

Control System: CNC (Professional Waterjet Control System)

Way of Drive: AC Servo System

Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

Power: <6.79hp (5kw)

Working Temp. 59℉ (15℃)~ 86℉(30℃)

Storage Temp. 36℉(2℃)~104℉ (40℃)

Load Capacity: 500kg/m²

System Parameters

Control Accuracy: 0.01mm                      

Positioning Accuracy: ±0.016mm/1000mm               

Repeatable Positioning Accuracy: ±0.01mm/1000mm   

Cutting Sped < 3m/min

X-Axis Max. Moving Speed: 6m/min           

Y-Axis Max. Moving Speed: 6m/min         

Z-Axis Max. Moving Speed: 1m/min